Kay Brothers Hillside Shiraz Vertical Tasting

Last Saturday, the wine kakis gathered at 1ETL (maybe for the last time?) to give CJ and Jazz a farewell party. We presented to them a DVD video and a photobook collection of pictures that were taken during our various wine sessions, potluck parties, birthday celebrations, getaways and holidays, vineyards hopping and fine dinners etc. Basically, a collection of sweet memories for the Yap family to bring along with them to Canada.
After dinner, the group had a vertical tasting of the Kay Brothers Hillside Shiraz. A vertical wine tasting is conducted by tasting the same varietal of wines from the same winemaker and the same vineyard and leaving the vintage or the production year as the only variable. This allows the party to see how dramatic or subtle a wine changes from year to year.

During our last visit to McLaren Vale, South Australia, I brought back 3 vintages of the Kay Brothers Hillside Shiraz – 2004, 2005 and 2006. CJ had kept a bottle of 2003 for some time now and Alan managed to get a 2008 (although a 2007 would be perfect) for the vertical session.

This was our first vertical wine tasting session as a group and we had fun tasting and discussing the changing style and composition of the Shiraz from 2003 to 2008. I printed the winemaker’s tasting notes for the various vintages for the group to read and understand the different harvest and vintages better while we put our noses and palates to test through the interesting wine journey before we each picked our favourite vintage.
It was the oldest and more complex 2003 that got my vote but there were different opinions. It just shows that wine is something very personal and the most important thing is to trust your own nose and palate.
Glad that we finally had this vertical tasting session before CJ and Jazz left, this was something that we had wanted to do together for a while now. A very interesting and enjoyable vertical session and we all managed to stand vertical after that. :)
Another sweet memory.